BYU Vocal Point 25th Anniversary Concert

Wow, 25 years of amazing a cappella music from this great group. BYU Vocal Point has been a part of music we’ve enjoyed since, well, back when I was still in college and they were a new group. The band members change as they graduate and fresh talent comes in, but the entertainment value and skill continues on. You can see some of their music and video productions on YouTube.

I’ve been working with the ReMix Vocal Academy since last year, run by current and past Vocal Point members, so when this concert was announced I approached them about taking photos of the great production. Not only did we enjoy the music, but the stage production was beautiful and offered some excellent visuals for the camera. Here are a few highlights from the evening.

I absolutely love covering concerts and stage performances in general, so the night with Vocal Point at the Covey Center in Provo was enjoyable in every way. Thanks to McKay Crockett for having me there as a photographer!