The Arc de Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

The Arc de Triomf, a beautiful landmark that helped me find my bearings on my second trip to Barcelona. Sometimes it takes awhile to get familiar enough with a new location to have any idea where I’m going. This portion of the city is full of landmarks like this beautiful gate to the 1888 World Fair and now the park downtown.

When traveling Heather (my wife) and I have a symbiotic relationship. She loves to read the travel guides and plan out where we go, when and how we get there. I don’t like to worry about those details, instead preferring to just tag along and go along for the ride. Now that likely sounds a bit more parasitic than symbiotic, but Heather doesn’t like worrying about a camera, so she knows I’ve got that part covered for her.

I do try to make sure the camera comes out for a bit, but then is put away so I can actually take in the experience first hand while I’m in the moment. In fact I’ve found recently I tend to put the camera down more often than in the past. I still find though that a camera and looking for those scenic photos is part of my travel enjoyment.