Food Photography

I’m no food photographer, but I play one at home.

My wife is a great cook. I mean really good, hence my constant battle to maintain my lady like figure. Ok maybe not lady like in any possible way, but despite eating quite healthy most of the time it comes down to having too much of a good thing. I enjoy good food, and darn it if she doesn’t make a lot of really good food.

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On Location Business Photography

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, having quality business photos is an important part of your marketing efforts. So often when we do business with a company, the people we are doing business with is just as important as the service or products they offer. Customers today often take time to research a company’s web site, see who they will be dealing with and what they are like. That “About Us” section is as important as ever.

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Investing in Quality Corporate Head Shots – Utah Photography

Getting a quality head shot involves more than just a basic camera and a solid background. All too often we discount the need for a useful photo of ourselves beyond the social media avatar we use across all accounts we have. Even if it’s for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or for your business, getting a high quality photo of yourself is worth the investment.  Getting a fair price and top quality results is always important, but especially when it’s photos that represent you and your business.

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At Ease

Social media is often a fickle thing, leaving you scratching your head over what photo, video or whatever you share and what garners interest vs what just slips away without notice. No matter what people say, we all like our efforts to be noticed and appreciated.  It’s ok, you can admit it. We like the likes…and the comments.

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Bad to the Bone


Some of my favorite photo shoots are those done simply for the sake of creative effort and fun. Most often those kind of shoots are done with others interested in collaborating for the same reasons, whether other photographers or models.

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A Cold Mount Timpanogos Temple

I keep forgetting to post here on the blog various photos I’ve been making. Recently I got up early at the prompting of a fellow photographer to try and capture the Mount Timpanogos temple after a fresh snowfall. I learned early on a Monday morning the gates are in fact locked, and the lights turn off a bit too early to capture the morning light changing. Still, if we get another good storm this winter I plan to come back again and try to catch a this scene with some better clouds in the sky.

Every time I get out to make a specific photo situation, I’m reminded it’s often the experience I find just as rewarding as the end results. There’s probably some life lesson on there if you look hard enough.

Salt Lake City Temple Square Lights 2013

I made my way up on the chilly Friday after Thanksgiving up to Temple Square for my annual trek to capture the first lighting of the lights, this time with an express purpose in mind to get fresh photos to submit to the Create LDS Media program. I’m currently serving as a Church Service Missionary (CSM) as a photographer for the Publishing Services division. It’s been a fun experience, giving a purpose to creating some themed photos on a regular basis.

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Dancing Sheep GIF

In the spirit of the ever awesome weekly Trent Nelson Friday GIFs, I present the dancing sheep from the Alpine Living Nativity.

Halloween Photos

For the past several years I’ve thought about doing a photo booth type set up for Halloween, taking photos of those kids in their costumes and providing an easy way for parents to download those photos. Every year I think about it, have good intentions, and procrastinate to the point that it doesn’t happen. This year, thanks to my good wife taking on creating a backdrop we could use other than black fabric, the photos actually happened.

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What Photo Inspired me to Pick Up a Camera?

Today in the Utah Photographers Facebook group, Jeff McGrath posed this question:

Do any of you have the first photo you clicked that made you fall in love with photography? Are you brave enough to share it?

Rather than just keep my response in that group, I thought I’d share it here for others to hear my thoughts.

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