The Ever Awesome Carters

I love when I get to make photos for awesome families. And I love even more when I get to make photos AGAIN for awesome families. Repeat customers are my absolute favorite.

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Alpine Loop Drive Pano

Took a drive through Alpine Loop with some friends this week. Enjoyed the view, despite it being the colors being a bit muted this year due to an early cold storm coming through. The Fuji X-E1 (18-55 lens) had some lens flair and streaking when pointed into the sun, but I still liked the result.

This is part of my ongoing effort to always keep a decent camera with me and make use of it more frequently. View the image larger here.

Stringham Family “Create” Shoot

I have been working lately to create stock photo like photos for the LDS Create program on various themes. Those involved in the program have been encouraged to not only fill specific requested needs, but to also come up with our own ideas and produce quality photos. Sarah Stringham was kind enough to volunteer her home and family to participate, and we had a lot of fun creating some fun photos.

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Look Around

I realized the other day that I’m still not posting to this blog nearly as often as I like. I can think of a variety of reasons, chief of which would likely be simply not making the time, aka laziness.

Also a major reason for not blogging was I felt like I’ve only been making photos when doing professional shoots, and less of the everyday stuff that I often find more interesting. So, recently I made an addition to hopefully help get back to making more photos of just the everday things I see, and to try see more things around me every day. I selected the Fuji X-E1 for a variety of reasons, but primarily the size and capabilities packed within the small form factor. I’ll try to write something up about this in the near future.

Today’s photo is an example of hopefully me looking more around me for opportunities to see those photo opportunities. I was taking a few moments to try and catch a sunset that eventually proved to not develop all that well. Looking north instead, I liked how the light was cutting across the valley and just touching the top of the mountains and some of the clouds butted up against them.

Amy Whitcomb, New Electric Sound, Ryan Innes at the Rooftop Concert Series

Back at the local music scene, I was at this last month’s Rooftop Concert Series to do a portrait before the show of a couple of the artists for a publication (watch for more info when published). I figured I’d stick around and enjoy the show, and of course snap some photos where I could. Justin Hackworth, one of the founding organizers of this great event, was kind enough to let me roam the backstage because the crowd was packed up to the stage to enjoy the performances. For me there really is no better way to enjoy a show than to look for those great moments with a camera in hand.

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Salt Lake City from Above

A few years ago a group led by Jesse Stay and Scott Jarvie included in their weekend photo excursion an evening on top of the LDS Church Office Building, capturing some amazing sunset and night photos. Admittedly I was pretty jealous as I was unable to stick around for that part of the day and therefore didn’t have an invite. Ever since I’ve been wanting to get up top that building and enjoy the vantage point during a sunset. This week I had that opportunity.

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Up Next – Bronco Mendenhall About To Speak

At the Big Blue Bash last night in Salt Lake City, Bronco Mendenhall gathers his thoughts right before taking the stage to speak to the nearly 1,000 fans at the Cougar Club event.

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Building a Backyard Chicken Coop, A Family Experience

Earlier this year we made the decision we’d like to add a few chickens to our little zoo we call home. It’s actually been a long term discussion, so not something done on a whim, although recent press coverage of the increasing popularity of backyard chickens brought it more to our attention. We researched our city allowances and found our zoning and lot size allows for 4-6 chickens, hens only of course. I had had chickens growing up more rural and had many chickens, but it has been a long time, so this was going to be a new experience.

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2013 UTC Demolition Derby

Are you a Demolition Derby fan? I am. I call it “Getting in touch with my inner redneck.” If you’ve never been to an event, it is fun for the whole family. I took my son this last weekend to the Utah County Fair’s rendition, and let’s just say they did not disappoint. Multiple heats of hard hitting competition was both impressive and entertaining.

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Ryan Innes and Brian Bingham Outdoor Concert

I admit it. I’m pretty much addicted to taking photos whenever I attend a concert…or pretty much any event at all. Obviously I have a history with shooting at concerts, and I just enjoy an event more when I’m observing it through my viewfinder. Big concerts and lights are awesome, but there is also something about the small, local music scene that is really enjoyable.

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