Summer Rooftop Concert Series – Mindy Gledhill, Mideau, Scott Shepard

We love music in our house, and we’ve really enjoyed Mindy Gledhill’s album. Even my disabled son Taylor perks up for her music, which is a regular rotation on his going-to-bed playlist. So when we heard Mindy was going to be at the August Rooftop Concert, we made sure to be there. Mindy’s new album is coming out officially in September, but we sponsored her “pledge” campaign so hope to see our download available sometime next week. Be sure to check it out and get a free download at her site.

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Summer Rooftop Concert Series – June 2013 in Provo Utah

Thanks to Justin Hackworth, I had the opportunity to sub for him in covering the June edition of the Provo Rooftop Concert Series. Justin is one of the founders of this great event, and normally takes some great photos journaling the artists and overall experience; but this time he was out of town on another gig. I love concert photography, and especially supporting local bands and events, so I was all over the opportunity.

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Refinement Records Press Conference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in on a press conference held by the a great new company, Refinement Records. I’ve always been a fan of music photography, and love the local music scene. Utah has been showing there is real, awesome talent growing here, evidenced by some bands and individuals that have gained national recognition. Refinement recognizes this movement and wants to help artists get the tools and direction they need to succeed.

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Maternity Session – Chantelle

Chantelle was in studio to make some fun maternity photos soon before she’s ready to deliver. As in very soon. In fact she was almost thinking she wouldn’t make it to the session! We had a fun time making a variety of photos, mostly ones that are a little atypical to the traditional maternity portrait. Sure, we got some that are pretty normal, but we were looking to do a few things different and fun as well.

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The Little Mermaid by the Center Stage Youth Performers

My daughter Allison (the tentacle on the left with her arm raised) has been practicing for months with the Center Stage Youth Performers group to perform the play The Little Mermaid. Last week was finally the time for their performances, 7 in 5 days. They did a wonderful job, everyone showing the fruits of so much hard work in their great job and the wonderful set and costumes.

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Utah Lake Sunset, Again

I never consider myself a landscape photographer. In fact most often I don’t consider myself a photographer, rather a guy that really enjoys trying to be a photographer. This is especially true of landscapes. I enjoy a beautiful photo, and whenever I get a chance I will snap a sunset or scenic view when I’m out and about when my camera.

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Kids & Chicks on the Funny Farm

Our family added a few new members to our funny farm. We’ve been planning for some time to get a few chickens for a backyard coop, both for the kids and to produce some farm fresh, free range eggs. We had chickens when I was a teen, and I remember how good those eggs were! So of course with these cute young ones in the home, a few photos sessions are going to be in order.

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Friday Night Lights

In March we decided to hold an open studio night in coordination with several other local studios. Studio o2o, NSL Studios and ProvoCreative all joined with Utah County Studio Co-Op to put on this fun event that was attended by well over 150 people. Photographers were welcomed to come check out the various studios and enjoy some lighting, great models and wonderful styling by hair and makeup artists. Some models and photographers even bounced between more than one studio, taking full advantage of the evening! Our studio was full of great people, and many excellent photos were made from what I’ve seen popping up all over various Facebook groups and streams.

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Forsyth Grandkids Christmas Portrait

I pretty much consider any reason to have portraits made a good reason. I was asked this last Christmas season to make a portrait of all the grandkids for a family to give to the grandparents. What a fun session.

With plenty of little ones, I always expect a bit of chaos to be a part of the experience. Though of course there was some, these kids did great and followed directions quite well. Using the studio layout to out advantage, we staged each layer of the kids in waves, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest. Keeping the other kids in the lobby until we were ready for them created a great atmosphere of getting ready and set the expectation of entering the studio to make a photo and not just play around until things set.

Missionary Portrait Event

One service I enjoy providing is making portraits for soon-to-be missionaries about to leave on their two year LDS (Mormon) mission. This is a significant time in their lives, and of course for their families. Getting a “before” photo seems natural, plus there are plenty of opportunities to use the portrait in their application, sending to a mission, and in many areas a traditional plaque that is posted in their local ward (congregation) during their service.

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