Chalkboard Wall in the Studio

We had the bright idea (see what I did there) to do a series of photos with the new chalkboard wall in the studio for the Create LDS Media program in which I participate. I was joined by another great photographer and a whole host of kids to explore the idea. We quickly learned that a bunch of kids, a huge chalkboard wall and too much chalk leads to a little bit of chaos, but in the midst of that we were able to make some fun photos.

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A Cold Mount Timpanogos Temple

I keep forgetting to post here on the blog various photos I’ve been making. Recently I got up early at the prompting of a fellow photographer to try and capture the Mount Timpanogos temple after a fresh snowfall. I learned early on a Monday morning the gates are in fact locked, and the lights turn off a bit too early to capture the morning light changing. Still, if we get another good storm this winter I plan to come back again and try to catch a this scene with some better clouds in the sky.

Every time I get out to make a specific photo situation, I’m reminded it’s often the experience I find just as rewarding as the end results. There’s probably some life lesson on there if you look hard enough.

Salt Lake City Temple Square Lights 2013

I made my way up on the chilly Friday after Thanksgiving up to Temple Square for my annual trek to capture the first lighting of the lights, this time with an express purpose in mind to get fresh photos to submit to the Create LDS Media program. I’m currently serving as a Church Service Missionary (CSM) as a photographer for the Publishing Services division. It’s been a fun experience, giving a purpose to creating some themed photos on a regular basis.

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Stringham Family “Create” Shoot

I have been working lately to create stock photo like photos for the LDS Create program on various themes. Those involved in the program have been encouraged to not only fill specific requested needs, but to also come up with our own ideas and produce quality photos. Sarah Stringham was kind enough to volunteer her home and family to participate, and we had a lot of fun creating some fun photos.

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