BYU Vocal Point 25th Anniversary Concert

Wow, 25 years of amazing a cappella music from this great group. BYU Vocal Point has been a part of music we’ve enjoyed since, well, back when I was still in college and they were a new group. The band members change as they graduate and fresh talent comes in, but the entertainment value and skill continues on. You can see some of their music and video productions on YouTube.

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An Aerial View: Neon Trees in Provo From Above

Neon Trees played a free concert recently in Provo, Utah. Though I’m friendly with one of the organizers (Justin Hackworth, a quality photography and great guy), I knew that nearly every local photographer would be lobbying for a chance to get in close and do photos. I could have pushed myself to the front, but instead decided to enjoy the concert a little differently. So no close up shots for me, instead I wanted to capture the size of this event.

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Amy Whitcomb, New Electric Sound, Ryan Innes at the Rooftop Concert Series

Back at the local music scene, I was at this last month’s Rooftop Concert Series to do a portrait before the show of a couple of the artists for a publication (watch for more info when published). I figured I’d stick around and enjoy the show, and of course snap some photos where I could. Justin Hackworth, one of the founding organizers of this great event, was kind enough to let me roam the backstage because the crowd was packed up to the stage to enjoy the performances. For me there really is no better way to enjoy a show than to look for those great moments with a camera in hand.

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Ryan Innes and Brian Bingham Outdoor Concert

I admit it. I’m pretty much addicted to taking photos whenever I attend a concert…or pretty much any event at all. Obviously I have a history with shooting at concerts, and I just enjoy an event more when I’m observing it through my viewfinder. Big concerts and lights are awesome, but there is also something about the small, local music scene that is really enjoyable.

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Summer Rooftop Concert Series – Mindy Gledhill, Mideau, Scott Shepard

We love music in our house, and we’ve really enjoyed Mindy Gledhill’s album. Even my disabled son Taylor perks up for her music, which is a regular rotation on his going-to-bed playlist. So when we heard Mindy was going to be at the August Rooftop Concert, we made sure to be there. Mindy’s new album is coming out officially in September, but we sponsored her “pledge” campaign so hope to see our download available sometime next week. Be sure to check it out and get a free download at her site.

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Summer Rooftop Concert Series – June 2013 in Provo Utah

Thanks to Justin Hackworth, I had the opportunity to sub for him in covering the June edition of the Provo Rooftop Concert Series. Justin is one of the founders of this great event, and normally takes some great photos journaling the artists and overall experience; but this time he was out of town on another gig. I love concert photography, and especially supporting local bands and events, so I was all over the opportunity.

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Refinement Records Press Conference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in on a press conference held by the a great new company, Refinement Records. I’ve always been a fan of music photography, and love the local music scene. Utah has been showing there is real, awesome talent growing here, evidenced by some bands and individuals that have gained national recognition. Refinement recognizes this movement and wants to help artists get the tools and direction they need to succeed.

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New Concert Photos

Jammin’ on the Bass

I had the opportunity to photograph a few concerts this last weekend for Donny Osmond in Las Vegas. My wife was able to join me for a wonderful weekend away and was fortunate to get some great photos of the concerts. They should be appearing soon on his site.

This shot was one of my favorites of the night – of his bass player John. Donny has a new band joining him, so I was able to enjoy getting to know these new artists. I don’t have a wallpaper sized version of this posted because these photos will be appearing elsewhere and used under contract. I hope to share a few others here soon though.

I enjoy taking concert photos and hope to get out in the “scene” more soon with some new artists. I’ll be sharing some of my other past ones here as well soon, so stay tuned.

Not Everyone Hates the Paparazzi

Shonah Daley

Smile for the Camera

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to follow Donny Osmond on tour in the UK to create and publish a photo journal book. It was an incredible experience and I hope to share some of the previously unreleased photos online here soon.

Being on tour brings a variety of interesting experiences as part of being on the road, from the castles we were able to get VIP tours of to the personal friendships you develop being in stuck in a tour bus for hours on end with nothing to do but talk to pass the time.

One of the unexpected pleasures of that tour was getting to know and photographing Donny’s opening act for the tour, Shonagh Daly. Shonaugh is one of those musical gems that has been overlooked by the big names on the whole. She was “discovered” by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which you think would be enough to get the machine rolling in her favor. Her voice is amazing, she is a beautiful woman with stage presence, but her CD sales were not enough for her label to really get behind her and do anything. A sad thing. I have watched online to see if her career has any new developments, but I haven’t seen anything of significance. I did see she has been in some stage performances, which her voice is very well suited for. Hopefully we will see more of her here in the states someday.

Here is a link to a gallery of snapshots I took from that tour. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had taking them! If you do, track down her CD online and get a copy. You’ll be happy you did.