Intense Focus…and it’s been too long

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a Grizzlies hockey game in the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. My daughter’s school choir was singing the National Anthem and so of course I took my camera, an extra kid and a strong stomach for some bad concession food.

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What Photo Inspired me to Pick Up a Camera?

Today in the Utah Photographers Facebook group, Jeff McGrath posed this question:

Do any of you have the first photo you clicked that made you fall in love with photography? Are you brave enough to share it?

Rather than just keep my response in that group, I thought I’d share it here for others to hear my thoughts.

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Salt Lake City from Above

A few years ago a group led by Jesse Stay and Scott Jarvie included in their weekend photo excursion an evening on top of the LDS Church Office Building, capturing some amazing sunset and night photos. Admittedly I was pretty jealous as I was unable to stick around for that part of the day and therefore didn’t have an invite. Ever since I’ve been wanting to get up top that building and enjoy the vantage point during a sunset. This week I had that opportunity.

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Building a Backyard Chicken Coop, A Family Experience

Earlier this year we made the decision we’d like to add a few chickens to our little zoo we call home. It’s actually been a long term discussion, so not something done on a whim, although recent press coverage of the increasing popularity of backyard chickens brought it more to our attention. We researched our city allowances and found our zoning and lot size allows for 4-6 chickens, hens only of course. I had had chickens growing up more rural and had many chickens, but it has been a long time, so this was going to be a new experience.

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