Alan Young – Portrait Profile Series

Some time ago I started bringing in friends and willing victims subjects to the studio for various kinds of portraits. My goal has been to experiment with new lighting, compositions and simply to keep sharpening the saw so to speak. I find when I go too long without doing a particular kind of photographer, those skills dull and I have to relearn some things that used to be second nature. Personality portraits are one area I really enjoy and want to keep exploring regularly.

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On Location Business Photography

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, having quality business photos is an important part of your marketing efforts. So often when we do business with a company, the people we are doing business with is just as important as the service or products they offer. Customers today often take time to research a company’s web site, see who they will be dealing with and what they are like. That “About Us” section is as important as ever.

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Investing in Quality Corporate Head Shots – Utah Photography

Getting a quality head shot involves more than just a basic camera and a solid background. All too often we discount the need for a useful photo of ourselves beyond the social media avatar we use across all accounts we have. Even if it’s for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or for your business, getting a high quality photo of yourself is worth the investment.  Getting a fair price and top quality results is always important, but especially when it’s photos that represent you and your business.

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The Ever Awesome Carters

I love when I get to make photos for awesome families. And I love even more when I get to make photos AGAIN for awesome families. Repeat customers are my absolute favorite.

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Maternity Session – Chantelle

Chantelle was in studio to make some fun maternity photos soon before she’s ready to deliver. As in very soon. In fact she was almost thinking she wouldn’t make it to the session! We had a fun time making a variety of photos, mostly ones that are a little atypical to the traditional maternity portrait. Sure, we got some that are pretty normal, but we were looking to do a few things different and fun as well.

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Forsyth Grandkids Christmas Portrait

I pretty much consider any reason to have portraits made a good reason. I was asked this last Christmas season to make a portrait of all the grandkids for a family to give to the grandparents. What a fun session.

With plenty of little ones, I always expect a bit of chaos to be a part of the experience. Though of course there was some, these kids did great and followed directions quite well. Using the studio layout to out advantage, we staged each layer of the kids in waves, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest. Keeping the other kids in the lobby until we were ready for them created a great atmosphere of getting ready and set the expectation of entering the studio to make a photo and not just play around until things set.

Missionary Portrait Event

One service I enjoy providing is making portraits for soon-to-be missionaries about to leave on their two year LDS (Mormon) mission. This is a significant time in their lives, and of course for their families. Getting a “before” photo seems natural, plus there are plenty of opportunities to use the portrait in their application, sending to a mission, and in many areas a traditional plaque that is posted in their local ward (congregation) during their service.

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Landon Cooper – Miles2Give.org

You could say Landon Cooper is a fit athlete, and you’d be right. But, Landon’s goals are much higher and with more purpose than just being in shape. Landon is an ultra-runner, meaning he runs much longer distances in a day than most of us think of doing all month, or year in my case. After having lost a friend to cancer, Landon is now running with more a greater purpose, and hopes you will join him in the effort.

Read more about Landon’s effort to raise awareness and funds for Sarcoma Cancer research at his website Miles2Give.org and perhaps even participate by donating as little as a penny per mile toward his 3,000 mile run across America for charity. I had Landon in studio to do some promotional photos for use during this campaign, and collaborated with fellow studio co-op participant Lyman Winn. Our goal was to capture a wide variety of looks for any possible use, most often highlighting Landon’s physical commitment to this effort. See below a few more images from the shoot.

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Maurice in Studio

Awhile back I had Maurice in studio, actually there with a friend (Charly) who was the main model for the shoot. We got Maurice in front of the camera for some impromptu portraits and I loved the results. He was full of personality and we got some great shots in a quick mini-session.

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Lindsey Stirling

In preparation for another shoot with Scott Jarvie and the Utah Symphony the next day, Lindsey Stirling was kind enough to come and join us as a model for our lighting practice. After we had run through the practice shots we needed, we changed focus and had fun doing some creative portraits. Lindsey is a lively, energetic personality, which is what I hoped to capture in the portraits. After some various looks, we broke out the mini-trampoline to get some “Air Lindsey” jumps, which turned out to be my favorite from the set.

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