Faxon Mulder is a visionary. He has created a product that makes our photos look their absolute best, looking more like what we want them do, illuminated and beautiful. These are Backlitbox and they are beautiful.

It’s truly difficult to appreciate the product unless you see it in person, particularly so because it is hard to show the quality and how the LED lit images look when you photograph them. Faxon has had this profile photo taken some ago on all his various accounts that I have wanted to recreate, only better. I told Faxon we would light him carefully independent of the boxes, then do a long exposure for the box look. I was happy with the result as was Faxon, so look for this or one of the variants we shot on his profile soon!

Sweet Little Newborn

With recent events I have been involved in organizing – PhotoCamp & it’s associated activities – I have been sorely neglecting my own photography. Sometimes I have found though that putting photography aside for a bit is a good thing, giving me an opportunity to restart with fresh eyes and enthusiasm.Now that those events have passed I hope to get back to making photos & catching on some other tasks & goals.

Last night I took some photos of a neighbor’s newborn baby girl. She was a little fussy, but did give us a few minutes of sleeping, closed eyes. Between some holding to calm down we snuck in a few other angles & closeups.

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Madsen Kids Preview

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph the kids of a family for the second time. It is always a compliment to me to have repeat customers, telling me they must have enjoyed the first batch if they are back for another set!

The Madsens have a full clan of beautiful children, making my job an easy one to capture some great smiles and sharp eyes. Unfortunately this time the youngest boys were having a rough day (one had recently had his tonsils out) so we were unable to get photos of all of them the first day, so I came back the next day to get the group photo we really wanted to capture.

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