Saw It Happen

Quail Fire, Flares Up on the Fourth

While enjoying our Fourth of July celebration with neighbors and friends, we looked up the street to see the glow of the fire suddenly expand. Earlier in the day I had thought the fire was getting more under control, but apparently it has been traveling south along the mountains and hit some old growth trees to really take off again. It’s so sad to see this beautiful terrain being swallowed up.

Though I am about 5 miles south from the fire, this view seems closer as I shot it at 200mm on my 5D mark III. That house in the foreground is at the end of my street in a cul-de-sac.

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Quail Fire in Alpine, Utah

The entire west seems to be on fire lately, especially here in Utah. There have been several fires in the vicinity, but none as close to home as the new Quail Fire about 5 miles north of where I live. This first photo is from my front lawn looking north at the fire about 2 hours after it started.

After being notified of the fire – I was completely unaware as I worked in my office – I decided to take off the last hour of work and head out to make some photos. I ran home to get my camera, and started driving north to get various perspectives while staying out of the way of emergency personnel.

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Gas Explosion, The Morning Aftermath

Last night my friend Pete Stott threw out on Twitter wondering if some of us local to Pleasant Grove had heard & felt the huge booming explosion. Being a little further away from where it took place I hadn’t, and unfortunately I was not in a position to run over and check it out. Pete ran over and provided us some great on-the-scene coverage.

As this scene is on my short drive to work, I brought my camera along in the hopes of capturing a some scenes of the investigative and clean up the next morning. My timing was good and I was able to capture a few scenes were they were allowing access.

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