Early Rising in Barcelona

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain on a work trip taking event photos. Barcelona was an amazing trip in many ways, including an amazing amount work but also such an adventure being in a foreign country and seeing new sights. Worked with an top-notch team of people and interacted with some great clients throughout their event. I hope to share a few scenic photos over the next little while as I have time to pull out a few photos I took for myself while there.

This specific photo was from the first morning in city when I was asked to walk around the nearby locations and gather some scenic photos of the locale for the attendees. Rough assignment, right? After being awake for 36 hours straight due to a restless passenger next to me on the transatlantic flight, getting up at 6am didn’t sound all that enticing. Still, I’m glad I was able to get out and see some of the sights right off. I did end up walking 5 to 6 miles that morning which was a bit taxing considering I’d end up being on my feet for the rest of the day and evening!

The morning sun was beautiful and the marina provided some interesting foreground elements along with the gull I waited to fly into the scene. Traveling to new places is always so interesting, usually providing unique scenery, architecture and beauty. But sometimes finding something familiar in a coastline and a bit of nature is exactly what the soul requires.

Christmas on Salt Lake City Temple Square

It’s that Christmas time of year again, so I made my way up the day after Thanksgiving to get the first looks at the lights on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. I’ve captured these lights for 6 or 7 years straight, mostly for fun and sometimes to share with the Mormon Newsroom to potentially use in their news releases. It’s always fun, and much warmer this year than in years past.

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Utah Lake Sunset, Again

I never consider myself a landscape photographer. In fact most often I don’t consider myself a photographer, rather a guy that really enjoys trying to be a photographer. This is especially true of landscapes. I enjoy a beautiful photo, and whenever I get a chance I will snap a sunset or scenic view when I’m out and about when my camera.

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Flyover at Night

Taken on the way home from vacation. I believe this is Utah Valley. Handheld at ISO 25,600. one of those cool moments I barely caught as I hurried to get my camera out of the bag at my feet. I used to always love the aisle seat when I flew, now it’s window every time for moments like these.

Alpine Loop Fall Colors iOS6 iPhone Panorama

Today my wife and I took a drive through the Alpine Loop during the Free National Parks day to enjoy the fall colors. The colors most definitely did not disappoint!

While I had intended of course to bring along my camera, I somehow forgot it and was stuck with only my iPhone as my option. Though the iPhone isn’t bad, it doesn’t compare to a full frame dSLR. Still, make due with what you have, right? I decided to give the new Panorama function a try. Though I wish it would give you the option to move up and down to fill in and give more vertical resolution, I was very impressed with the results. The stitching is excellent and the exposure across the frame was good if you pick your angle and lighting well. As you pan if you move too far up and down, the guide warns you to shift to get things right.

Hope you enjoy the view as it was spectactular in person! Click the image for a larger view.